Meet Oliver Kershaw

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Our Story

Founding of Oliver kershaw photography

I started photography when I was a young, back in the day when photography was shot on film. There was a sort of magic in learning how to develop your own film back in college.

Now with photos being digital, the possibilities are endless.

Unusual places for wedding photography

What is methodology

When I started okay photography I always had the customer in mind, this will be a simple as treating them as how I want to be treated.

Wedding Photographer

Pride in my work

I always want to deliver the best to our clients. With that in mind I'm always learning new techniques a new equipment to make sure that I'm delivering the best quality that I can to our clients. 

Beautiful wedding photography

Deliver quality product

Whether a shooting weddings, portraits, or products we are all about delivering the best final product for our client.

Wedding Albums

Making spaces for incredible work —


Being able to deliver quality photography at affordable price is part of a motto we don't overcharge


The quality of our work is impeccable whether it be photos delivered or a Albums quality must be a priority


Feedback from our past clients is a five star know that you can trust us to deliver

Award winning

I have won multiple awards for my photography

Featured In

The Guild of Photographers
East Midlands Wedding magazine