Engagement Photoshoot and Love Letter From Liam

Engagement photoshoot at Bradgate park

We had a fantastic time with Sarah and Liam, on their engagement photoshoot at Bradgate Park. Liam sent us over a touching love letter to display his love to his bride to be, and we are honoured to Display such love and affection alongside their engagement photos.

“Sarah, I just wanted to say a few short things, all with a common theme, thank you.
Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you.
Thank you for putting up with me in both my best, worst, serious and silly moments.
Thank you for showing me what it is to love someone so deeply that it hurts even when you leave to go into another room.
But most of all, thank you for saying ‘yes’ and giving me the true honour of being able to spend the rest of my life with you.
Thank you Sarah Elizabeth Bolam, Thank you.
Love, Liam James Scriven”

Truly, True love knows no bounds

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