Stacey & Tanay Engagement Photoshoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Rutland water for engagement photoshoot with Stacey and Tanay. We set off at high noon and the weather was lovely. We had a the sun in the sky, some wisps of clouds on the horizon but it was very windy so there was a bit of wind chill. This didn’t stop us we had a lovely walk round the park and up to the Norman church where we almost gatecrash a wedding. So we took a slow walk back and off to our next location.

I can say that Stacey and Tanya really got into the engagement photo shoot by the end of the session we had taken some lovely photos, they even brought along some props too. Stacey had brought some flags to represent the countries that they were from. With the wind is blowing it was a real challenge to tame the flags but in the end it produced some lovely photos and something that is very unique to them.could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

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