Two tips for photography on a film set

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On-set photography

I thought I would put together a little blog post about working on a film set doing photography. I know this is a little bit different from the wedding photography that you will normally see on my blog, but as have working with some creative people last weekend on set shooting film.

The first thing you would think is why do you need a photographer on a film set?

The first reason is continuity shoots. We have all seen films with little niggling things that don’t look right. It may be as simple as a piece jewellery on the wrong hand over two shoots, but when it comes to editing the film together you will start to notice the little things. You will be sure someone will notice the mistake and comment on it at some point, so get it right first time and have the shoots to refer back to.

The second reason is simple. To show what goes on behind the scenes, not everyone can be an actor. You can be sure a lot of people put a extraordinary amount of effort into making films, from the camera man through to the sound man the list can be endless depending on the size of production.

My two photography tips for on-set photography

Always be ready to get your shot! You may only have 30 seconds, while the director is talking to an actor or every one is getting ready to go though a scene,

Make sure you telling same story! I look at myself as a storyteller, I tell my story with images. So pay attention to the scenes, if that are acting out scene where it is meant to scary, you should also make it look scary.

I had the pleasure of working with some very creative people on a film set this weekend. The film “Acid Demons” is being made by a Leicester based on company Hive films and is directed by: Rhys Davies. I am looking forward to working on-set again soon, and will leave you with some of the photos taken on the day.

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