Wedding photography in a car park behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes wedding photography – capturing the perfect photograph in a car park

Let's have a look


So what goes into making a fantastic Wedding photo?

Vision, Creativity & Timing.

The vision to see the final piece of work and having the creative talent to create it, in this example of wedding photography in Nottinghamshire was taken at the park inn hotel in Nottingham was taken in a car park with cars parked after a break in the rain clouds.

Luckily for me, we had a break in the rain. Natalie the bride did not want to go out in the rain and get her wedding dress wet the rest of the day, completely understandable.

The location I had chosen for this photograph was in the car park as I did not want to take the bride across the city And take time out of the wedding day as well as risk the rain clouds is opening on us. So I recurred some of the groomsmen to carry the dress and plastic bag from the hotel protected the dress for the rainwater that was lying on the ground Headed out to our pre-scouted location. 

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