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How to get great dog photos

Dog Portrait in the studio.

Capture the dog's personality.


The kinds of photographs taken of dogs have changed. Instead of action shots of dogs running or jumping agility fences, owners now tend to want stunning portraits of their dogs to hang proudly in their homes.

Every dog owner has a unique relationship with their pet. So it’s important that we fully understand what’s needed from the photo. Some people will want a day out in the park for lifestyle dog photography, and some love a studio photoshoot.

lifestyle dog photography
Make sure you capture your dog’s portrait at the beginning of the session. your moe likely to have the dog's attention at in the being while he or she is still sitting still. Once he or she has begun running around after balls and panting from exhaustion, the shot will not look as appealing.

Dog Photo Tip.

Before you have a photo session with your dog, make sure you run though some simple commands. Sit, Stay good boy. This will be fun for the dog reward them with there favourite treat  or toy.
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How to ensure your dog is going to have fun at your dog portrait session?

How to ensure your dog is going to have fun at your dog portrait session?

Before your session, gather some of your dog's favourite toys and treats. Treats are great for helping your dog sit still and look its best for photos. Squeaky toys are also a big hit and help encourage your pet to make some of those adorable, playful expressions. Toys and treats are also a great way to get your pup to look at the camera.

Photo Tip for dogs.

You can give your dog treats without using bad fatty foods, such as those made from dry dog food.
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