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Colwick Hall Wedding Photography


Alvin & Zhara


13th April 2019


Colwick Hall, Nottingham

I had the pleasure of photographing, Alvin & Zhara's wedding back in  April. The wedding and reception were being held at Colwick Hall

  • Reciting our own personalized vows among all of our beloved family and friends during the wedding ceremony.
  • Yes, but these occurrences were never going to prevent us from getting married or enjoying the biggest day of our lives.
  • Celebrating our joyous occasion on the dance floor was a cultural extravaganza… Bouncing to the Bhangra beats and swaying with Mauritian Sega with all our family and friends.
  • The day of the wedding may seem like a marathon, so remember to take a breath and step back from all the festivities. Try to take some time for each other during your beautiful day.
  • I think a little Dutch courage goes a long way.
  • Seeing all of our guests feast upon all of the culinary delights during our reception filled us with tremendous satisfaction. Knowing that everyone appreciated our efforts to cater to everyone’s needs from soft play for the younger children to mini-golf in the gardens… we were blessed with some sunshine.
  • Ensure you listen to each other and compromise… think win-win. Start your wedding planning as early as possible… the last-minute stresses are not worth it. Make sure you do your research on companies when employing their services. Always keep cost-effectiveness in mind, but please don’t get blindsided by the cheapest options.
  • We strangely felt a combination of sheer exhilaration and exhaustion… the whole wedding experience was a crazy roller-coaster ride.
  • Oliver is the ultimate professional and working with him gave us plenty of reassurance. His quirky demeanor allowed us to feel at ease and enjoy the whole photoshoot experience. He listened to and respected our ideas and managed to surpass expectations with his creative flair. His photographic skills and expertise are faultless, giving us confidence that the end product will be brilliant. I cannot thank Oliver enough. I recommend him to anyone who wants the essence of their wedding and their personality captured in beautiful pictures.

Enjoy A small selection of Alvin & Zhara's wedding photos. Please leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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