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Creeds Farm Wedding – Sarah & Charlie

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Creeds Farm, Northampton Wedding Venue
Wedding Photography - Farm - Northampton


Sarah & Charles


21st July 2018 


Creeds Farm, Northampton

I had the pleasure of photographing, Sarah and Charle’s wedding back in July. The wedding and reception were being held at their Farm in Northampton.

  • The ceremony
  • Sarah was early to the church!
  • We really enjoyed the ceremony and our little drive around before getting to the reception so we had a bit of time to ourselves.
  • Do not let small things worry you, just enjoy it and everyone else will too. Some things will not go according to plan but only you will know so it doesn’t matter.
  • Charlie recommends a glass of whiskey. Sarah went for a ride on her horse in the morning to get away from the initial mayhem. Everyone had organized getting ready and were well on the way when she got back which worked perfectly.
  • How smoothly it all went.
  • If you find a supplier you want, book them as quickly as you can!
  • Honoured to have such amazing friends and family to help us celebrate.
  • Being able to save money again…

He was brilliant, anyone who can stand up to that many people and make them do what they want deserves a medal! The group shots were nice and quick and the technique of taking us away for 5-10 minutes at a time meant we didn’t miss too much of the party and didn’t get tired of it.

Enjoy A small selection of Sarah and Charle’s wedding photos. Please do leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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