Rossington Hall Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography training

  • Date

    20th, January 2017

  • Location

    Rossington Hall, South Yorkshire

At the start of any wedding season, I aways book in to do a practice wedding photography shoot and this year was no different. I had decided to go to Rossington Hall in south Yorkshire for 2017.

Now you may be asking, “why would you need to go on a practice wedding shoot or training day, you shoot weddings all of the time?”. The answer is simple, I use this time to try new gear that I have acquired and try out new techniques I’ve been learning. Putting all of this into practice for the first time at a real wedding would be irresponsible, as I need to make certain that I am delivering excellent images every time, although I have been known to pull off some amazing masterpieces first time round. If anyone tells you that it is easy, I have got news for you, it’s not! It is down to hours of training and hard work, that keep’s me at the top of the game and gives me the ability to produce elegant wedding photography imagery for my clients.

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.Ansel Adams

My plan for the day was to play with a Canon tilt-shift lens, and see what it was capable of achieving in a wedding scenario. The fall off that I was achieving with the shallow depth of field at 2.8 was amazing, using the tilt function. The shift function was also very useful, I practiced getting shots of the bride in the mirror. Normally if you stand and photograph into a mirror you would be in the reflection, but because the shift function was shifting the Image sensor to the right, I was able to make it look like I was taking the shot from an angle that doesn’t seem possible.
I had great fun playing with the Canon tilt shift 45mm TS-E, I have learned some of the positives and the negatives from using a lens like this at a wedding, I will cover the pros and cons in a later gear review blog post.

A big shout out to James at James Davies Photography for putting the day on, and notably to our two wonderful models for the day, well done!

The list goes on, not forgetting hair and makeup as well as wardrobe and the venue for putting on an incredible spread for lunch.

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