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St. Cuthberts Church + Army Reserve Centre, LeicestershireWedding Venue
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Tara & Perry


15th June 2019


St. Cuthberts Church + Army Reserve Centre, Leicestershire

I had the pleasure of photographing, Tara & Perry’s wedding back in  July. The wedding and reception were held at St. Cuthberts Church

  • Seeing each other at the church.
  • Our first dance.
  • Get married abroad!
  • Haribo for the bride and a good best man!
  • It stopped raining for the day after a fortnight of torrential rain.
  • Be organized early, have everything paid for before the day (where possible), and don’t be afraid to cash in on favors owed to you by friends and family!
  • Really happy and relieved that it had all gone to plan and everyone had a great day
  • Oliver et al were friendly, and relaxed and didn’t rush us at any point. Everything had a natural flow to it and he even helped us escape everyone throughout the day for shoots with just the two of us, which helped take the pressure off us and gave us a break from everyone.

Enjoy A small selection of Tara & Perry’s wedding photos. Please leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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