Swancar Farm Wedding Photography – Helen & Duncan

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Swancar Farm Wedding Venue

I had the pleasure of photographing, Helen & Duncan’s wedding back in  July. The wedding and reception were being held at Swancar Farm.

Swancar Farm Wedding Photography


Helen & Duncan


23rd August 2019


Swancar Farm, Nottinghamshire

Helen and Duncan's wedding at Swancar Farm in Nottinghamshire was a delightful and joyous celebration filled with laughter and love. The beautiful venue provided the perfect backdrop for their special day, creating an atmosphere of rustic charm and natural beauty.

The day began with a sense of excitement as Helen prepared for her wedding day surrounded by her closest friends and family. Her radiant smile and infectious laughter set the tone for the festivities that would follow. Duncan, equally excited, awaited his bride with anticipation, ready to embark on their journey together.

  • Seeing each other as Helen walked down the aisle.
  • Our day was super hot so our cake started to melt! Luckily everyone was able to quickly organise for a slightly earlier than expected cake cutting.
  • It was all amazing but listening to the lovely things said in the speeches was a highlight
  • Relax and enjoy it and make sure you take a moment to spend time with each other
  • Duncan: YES calmed with a shot of whiskey at the top of the aisle even though he hates it!
  • Helen: Felt surprisingly calm until she got to walking down the aisle!
  • Finding a giant blow up Flamingo and party poppers taking up our bridal suite (cheers groomsmen)
  • Enjoy the process, things will go wrong but that’s what bridesmaids and groomsmen are for 🙂
  • Tired but so happy and grateful to all those involved
  • Oliver was fantastic throughout the day being both professional and friendly. A deciding factor for choosing OK Photography was Oliver’s easy going personality and it definitely put us at ease so our photos (neither of us are great at being photographed) were as natural as possible. During the group photos Oliver was able to keep everyone engaged including the younger members of our party! You can tell that this is not just a job and more of a passion as Oliver went above and beyond to get the best photos he could, we wouldn’t change a thing.
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