Wedding Photography George Hotel Stamford

The George Hotel, Stamford Wedding Cat and Stephen

Wedding Photography

The George Hotel Wedding Venue
Wedding Photography George Hotel Stamford


Cat and Stephen


30th March 2019


The George Hotel, Stamford

I had the pleasure of photographing, Cat & Steve's wedding back in March. The wedding and reception were being held at The George Hotel, Stamford

  • Steve – standing, waiting for Cat to walk into the ceremony Cat – The planning over my hat & dress, and the reaction to them
  • Cat – Getting the giggles throughout the vows. I think we’re successfully married now. Incidentally, the bouquet only arrived about a minute before the ceremony, but I didn’t have any doubts that it would arrive.
  • Steve – Putting the ring on Cat’s finger, and playing in the band Cat – The ceremony, seeing everyone we had invited with their hats on
  • Steve – See & hear as much as you can, and get as many people as possible that you know involved Cat – Enjoy the preparation as well because the day is over so quickly; invite those people you know will bring joy. And don’t have the wedding the day before Mother’s Day (see wedding bouquet)
  • Neither of us was (and no hip flasks involved)
  • Steve – Hitting every note/chord correctly when playing the guitar Cat – Getting a present from Steve which replaced the purse I had bought and was struggling to find. The bag was identical!
  • Steve – don’t scrimp – if you want professional results then use professionals Cat – Have fun with it. Have the day you want. We did, and it was perfect Don’t be afraid to do something different or to use services that aren’t necessarily “wedding” services
  • Steve – Both photographers were very flexible and very open to suggestions. Felt like I’d known Oliver for years after one meeting. Both seemed to be enjoying the challenge of doing something special and experimenting. Cat – I had decided that Oliver would do my wedding photography if I ever got married, even before meeting Steve and deciding to marry. I like his style, and I had every confidence that he would be able to produce images that would catch the day perfectly. I enjoyed the experimentation (the “pissing around”), but at the same time, what we wanted was discussed. I’m not sure I’d change anything.

Enjoy A small selection of Cat & Steve's wedding photos. Please leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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