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The Pumping Station Wedding Venue
The Pumping Station Wedding Photography


Jodie and Jamie


14th August 2021


The Pumping Station, Leicestershire

I had the pleasure of photographing, Jodie and Jamie at their wedding back in August. The wedding and reception were being held at The Pumping Station

  • Walking out into the ceremony room and seeing each other. After 11 years together we were really looking forward to saying ‘I do’
  • We loved seeing all our friends and family together, especially after the difficult 18 months everyone has had. Getting everyone together to celebrate was amazing.
  • Take 5 minutes together on the day just to sit together and catch up, you get so busy chatting to all the guests and going through the motions it’s really nice to just take a moment alone. We were given this advice by so many people and it was fab. Also just enjoy every minute as it flies by!
  • We were both super nervous on the morning!! Having my bridesmaids and mum around me and Jamie having his groomsmen really helped.
  • Unfortunately, the best man was unable to make the wedding as he had covid. It was so disappointing but he still managed to give his speech via video call.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff everything always works out in the end!
  • Happy, emotional and exhausted!
  • Oliver was great rallying the guests up for photos and making sure nothing was missed.

Enjoy A small selection of Jodie and Jamie wedding photos. Please do leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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