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Wroxall Abbey Wedding Photography – Rosy & Richard

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Rosy & Richard


14th September 2018


Wroxall Abbey, Wroxall

I had the pleasure of photographing, Rosy and Richard's wedding back in  September. The wedding and reception were being held at Wroxall Abbey in Wroxall.

  • Being able to see each other for the 1st time that morning in the ceremony room. Very exciting and nerve-racking!
  • During the speeches, the mike cut out when it came around to the Best Man’s speech! (Probably for the best!) This was rescued by the DJ’s mike but he had to stand at the front of the room instead!!
  • The evening reception was amazing. Everyone got involved and had a good boogie on the dance floor!! Also, it was lovely to be able to have our Hindu Wedding ceremony outside in the beautiful gardens as planned (despite the threat of rain!)
  • Try to escape the madness and take a few minutes to yourselves to take the day in together. It can be very overwhelming and the day can vanish ever so quickly despite months of hard work and planning! Don’t forget to have your wedding cake when it’s cut! If the day runs slightly off schedule, don’t panic! There are plenty of helpful people around you to get things back on track! Lastly, try to drink some water in between the many drinks guests will hand you. You will thank yourself the morning after!!
  • Groom – I was extremely nervous on the morning of the wedding. It really helped just focusing on Rosy when she came Into to the room and zoning everyone else out. Bride – Very nervous – I remember my legs feeling like jelly walking down the venue staircase to the ceremony room. A couple of glasses of bubbly helped take the edge off!
  • Bride – probably how well Richard did on his Grooms speech as he is such a nervous public speaker. I was ready to catch him when he passed out from feeling so nervous but he ended up doing a fantastic job. Also, we were both surprised and impressed by how many people were on the dance floor at all times!!
  • Try not to worry about the minor details of the day too much. All that matters is that you are both happy and that everyone present has a great time. Guests will remember a fun day rather than your particular arrangement on Wedding Thank Yous.
  • Absolutely exhausted but elated at the same time!! Still couldn’t believe how fast the day went by especially when you have spent months and months of planning for your special day.

Oliver is such a great photographer to work with. He makes you feel at ease and there are none of the typical cheesy wedding poses involved (unless that’s what you want!) He will nag and nag you for the perfect extra shot but believe me when I say it will be worth it and he manages to get those breathtaking natural shots!

Enjoy A small selection of Rosy and Richard’s wedding photos. Please leave a lovely comment for them at the bottom of the page.

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