Maternity Photography

baby bump photography

Recently had an opportunity to photograph Gema, an expecting mother-to-be and create some wonderful baby bump photos. When I arrived we sat down to discuss the shoot and she told me it was a year to the date that we had gone out with Gema and her partner to do their engagement photoshoot for their wedding. wow doesn’t time fly.

So that she felt comfortable we arranged the session at her house, there was enough space to set up our mobile studio. I used my paper backdrop for a seamless background, and studio lights to create a dramatic artistic portrait.

For Gema’s maternity shoot, I envisioned a portrait with flowing fabric wrapping around her baby bump and flowing into the background. To create this look it took more than just me, her mother-in-law was there too she was able to hold the fabric and she has done a very good job of being a glamorous assistant and I must say thank you. I would advise anyone that is going to have a maternity photo shoot to bring a friend or family member along for support.

If you are an expecting mother-to-be and interested in baby bump photography and would like to organise the session please do get in contact with us and we can discuss more in detail about the artwork that we can make for you.

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