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Wedding at Hothorpe Hall


Carly & Stephen


5th, November 2016


Hothorpe Hall & The Woodlands

It was 5th November and the wedding photography season was almost over, this was going to be my last wedding for 2016. I had the pleasure of photographing Carly & Stephen at the Woodlands. The weather was ideal, although a bit cold we had the sun and a lovely sky for a backdrop for Carly & Stephen’s wedding.

We started in one of the on-site wood cabins where we met up with Carly and her sister, in matching robes. They were already getting ready with hair and makeup in full swing. This meant it was a great opportunity to take some shots of details like the rings, shoes, and the wedding dress. This allowed us to ease into taking photos of Carly getting ready. With everyone in one location, it was easy for me to go and meet up with Stephen the groom for some formal photos of him and his best man.

After the ceremony, we went down to the secluded wood for some group photos and champagne. Everyone was in good spirits, I like to keep the group shots moving quickly and try and keep them as fun as possible, to keep people’s attention. With a big gust of wind heralding the end of the group shots, it was almost like a natural confetti shot given by the woods themselves.

Please enjoy a small selection of their wedding photos.

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Wedding Photos

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