Santos Higham Farm Wedding Photography – Sam & James

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Santos Higham Farm Wedding Venue

I had the pleasure of photographing Sam & James's wedding in July. The ceremony and reception were held at Santos Higham Farm

Santos Higham Farm Wedding Photography


Sam & James


23rd July 2022


Santos Higham Farm
  • Having all our friends and family in one place and enjoying the experience with them.
  • We had some guests cancel the day before due to various reasons. The venue were great in rearranging our tables/seating plan, so it never felt like an issue.
  • James enjoyed the speeches the most. Sam enjoyed the dancing in the evening, especially the father/daughter dance!
  • Being organised helped us always feel in control. We had monthly ‘to-do’ lists in the last 6 months leading up to the wedding. But more importantly, enjoy every second and do what makes you happy!
  • We were both surprised at how calm we were. After having our wedding postponed due to covid we became more excited for it to happen rather than nervous.
  • How smoothly the day ran and how the little things didn’t seem to matter!
  • VERY tired! But full of love and happiness. We felt very lucky to have such wonderful people around us!
  • Not worrying about the wedding! Building a future together and knowing we will always be a team!
  • We wouldn’t change a thing about Oliver’s work! He is professional, funny and very experienced. He led the group photos very well and managed to control 80 guests who wouldn’t stop talking. In the evening he blended into the party and I know we will have some great photos. The sneak peek we received the next day was amazing!
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