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16 Grosvenor Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, United Kingdom DE5 3JF

Cooper And The Hare: Embracing Authentic Beauty

At Cooper And The Hare, we don't just style hair; we celebrate authentic beauty. Our team of highly trained hairdressers believes that true beauty is natural, simple, and effortlessly elegant. We understand that it's not just about what you see on the surface but also about what you don't see—the essence of authenticity that lies within.

The Importance of Natural and Simple Beauty

Embracing Authenticity

In today's world, where trends come and go, embracing authenticity has become more important than ever. At Cooper And The Hare, we encourage our clients to embrace their natural beauty and uniqueness. We believe that true beauty lies in being yourself and feeling confident in your skin.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

We are proud to work with Authentic Beauty Concept products, which are carefully crafted with natural ingredients that are both effective and gentle on the hair. Unlike many conventional hair products that contain harsh chemicals, our products are formulated with pure, natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair from within.

Understanding Authentic Beauty Concept Products

Pure Formulas for Hair Care

Authentic Beauty Concept products are known for their pure formulas that are free from unnecessary additives and synthetic fragrances. Our shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your hair without weighing it down or causing damage.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

Our products are enriched with a blend of botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based proteins that work together to nourish and hydrate the hair. Ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter help to moisturize and soften the hair, while extracts of aloe vera and green tea provide antioxidant protection against environmental damage.

Booking Your Appointment

Be Part of the #authenticbeautymovement

Join us in the #authenticbeautymovement and discover the power of embracing your natural beauty. Whether you're looking for a simple trim, a bold new color, or an elegant updo for a special occasion, our team of expert hairstylists is here to help you look and feel your best.

How to Book an Appointment

Booking an appointment with Cooper And The Hare is easy. Simply visit our website or give us a call to schedule your personalized hair care experience. Our friendly staff will work with you to find a convenient time for your appointment and answer any questions you may have about our services or products.


At Cooper And The Hare, we believe that beauty is more than just skin deep. It's about embracing who you are and celebrating your individuality. With our range of Authentic Beauty Concept products and expert hair care services, we're here to help you look and feel your best every day.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are Authentic Beauty Concept products suitable for all hair types?
    • Yes, our products are suitable for all hair types, from fine and straight to thick and curly.
  2. Do you offer consultations before appointments?
    • Absolutely! We offer complimentary consultations to discuss your hair care needs and goals before your appointment.
  3. Are your products cruelty-free?
    • Yes, all of our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.
  4. Can I purchase Authentic Beauty Concept products online?
    • Yes, you can purchase our products directly from our website or visit our salon to browse our selection.
  5. How often should I schedule hair appointments?
    • The frequency of your appointments will depend on your individual hair care needs. We recommend scheduling regular appointments every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy hair.
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